Wheel Chock

No extra support needed!

There will always be times when you have to transport your motorcycle, repair and park it. For all these, you need tools to prevent shifting and motorbike wheel chocks are just perfect. They secure the motorcycle properly, eliminating sliding and side motion. As a result, the motorbike is kept in an upright position, without turning from left to right, so stability and safety are ensured.

Using motorcycle wheel chocks is extremely easy. The motorbike is pushed quickly into the stand, which grips the tire almost instantly. The four large rubber feet and the solid structure ensure safety and increased stability, which make wheel chocks great tools even for complex service.

You will be very astonished to see how well is your motorbike secured. The wheel chocks we provide have multi-adjustable design that makes them suitable for almost any motorbike wheel.

They are durable, save floor space, accommodate heavy motorbikes and can be used by one person. The wheel chock remains firmly planted on the ground, but it can be detached extremely easy in just a few seconds. Our motorbike wheel chocks are suitable for a wide range of motorcycles, so you will surely find the item you need.

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